Fundraiser Page

Fundraisers available any time of the year!

We are the answer for successful fundraising. We have proven time and time again that with our great service, top quality pizza & products, value and item selection, your organization is guaranteed to have another successful and profitable fundraiser.

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Services We Provide To You:
Free Pizza Incentive:
• If your Group Sells 1,000 Items, The Highest Seller Will Receive: 4 Cheese, 4 Sausage, 4 Pepperoni. 12″ Pizza’s


• Mondays work the best. Tues-Fri (early afternoons) and Saturday Mornings (upon request)           
• Products will be delivered to your location. We will bring bags, boxes and markers for sorting.
• If desired- Lebby’s will stay at your location from start to finish and help sort items.

Printable Order Forms- Tallying:
• The fundraiser sales form sent via email(excel) can be edited so you can type in your prices. This should be printed and used by the seller to place their orders.
• If you don’t have your own spreadsheet, our spreadsheet can be used for easy tallying. Just ask.

How to Get Started:
• Call Lebby’s for information and to let them know when you want to start selling.
• A 2-week selling period seems to work well. It’s not too short and not too long.
• Your organization determines the selling prices for your profit. Round to nearest quarter.
• Have a date or two in mind to set aside for delivery

After Selling is Complete:
• Call or e-mail your final numbers (only totals of each item are needed).
• A 14 day waiting period is required once your final numbers are received. Example: If totals received Jan 7th, delivery would be Jan 21st. Subject to change if arrangements made in advance.
• Verify delivery date. (A one to one/half hour scheduled time frame for picking up items seems to work well.)

On Delivery Day:
• The fundraiser organizer should bring the sales sheets for each person who sold items. We will put this form with each order as they are sorted. It will be used by the seller so they know who they sold items to and to reference for their distribution.
• Please have 1 or 2 people available to assist with the sorting process.
• Each seller is responsible for sorting their own orders individually by purchaser and for the distribution of those items.

Terms and Payments
• Lebby’s must obtain your organizations tax exempt number or their sellers permit number on or before delivery date
• Please make (one check) for total amount due payable to Lebby’s Frozen Pizza. No personal checks. Payment due upon delivery (unless other arrangements made)

To download and print a .PDF of this page click here.