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Lebby’s Frozen Pizza was founded in the kitchen of our home in Lebanon Wisconsin. Having a love for cooking and learning from the very best (my mom), I focused first on creating a mouthwatering irresistible sauce. I was determined to create a sauce with a lot of flavor that would grab ya and “wow” ya from the first bite to the very last. Next, I wanted to be different. I focused on great value, freshness and eating healthier. I was persistent on providing a heavy high quality product with an overabundance of toppings while keeping in mind health conscious customers and customers with dietary changes. I am confident that I have met my goals and that I will meet your expectations too.


Lebby’s has become the answer for successful fund-raising. We have proven time and time again that with our great service, top quality pizza and products, value, item selection and lower prices, your organization is guaranteed to have another successful and profitable fundraiser. We are fund-raising made easy.


Its our mouth watering sauce that grabs you and makes our pizza completely irresistible. Its the sauce and the toppings together that wow you from the very first bite.Whether its our thin flaky crust or our soft self-rising crust. We have the ultimate pizza you are going to love.


We at Lebby’s are committed to giving our customers the dignity and respect they deserve while providing them with superior customer service “on the road and off the road”, fresh high quality products, and building strong personal relationships.

We service grocery and convenience stores, gas stations, fundraisers, special events and functions.