Lebby's Pizza | Frozen Pizza, Garlic Bread, Fund Raiser, Fund Raising

Pizza - Fun- Lebby's !

Established in 2007, Lebbys Frozen Pizza has become the pizza of choice, providing you the finest quality pizza around at the best pizza value. We are no ordinary pizza.

Its our mouth watering sauce that grabs you and makes our pizza completely irresistable. Its the sauce and the toppings together that wow you from the very first bite.

Whether its our thin flakey crust or our soft self-rising crust. We have the ultimate pizza you are going to love.

Why chose Lebby's Pizza?

Our homemade sauce and sausage recipe, 100% Pre-Cooked Pork, REAL Wisconsin cheese, Distinctively Different, Locally Owned, Extra Toppings, Varieties and Value, No MSG, Great Service!

Q: How would you define quality and value? Is it the look, Ingredients, or getting the most for your dollar?

A: When you chose Lebbys Pizza, all of our top quality toppings are evenly distributed across the entire pizza all the way to the edge.

Q: Are you a customer that looks at the size and then the price, or are you a customer that looks at size, the weight, and then the price?

A: Compare the weight yourself, when we say our pizzas are extra toppings we mean it. Ounce per ounce Lebbys is the best pizza value in the market.

No matter what the reason - great tasting pizza, great service, or value, Lebby's is the one for you!

We service:

  • Grocery Stores
  • Convenience Stores
  • Gas Stations
  • School fundraisers
  • Scouts
  • Band
  • Football
  • Clubs
  • Special Events